Mary Slave of the Lord Praesidium

Praesidium members with an outdoor setting of the Legion altar.

Legion members enjoying themselves on an outing.

Name of Praesidium: Mary Slave of the Lord Praesidium
Parish: Our Lady of Grace Parish
Location: Lima, Peru
Diocese: Lima, Peru
First Meeting Date: January 16th , 1998
Aim of Praesidum: To spread Mary's devotion around the world and rescue souls for Christ. Give glory to God through our lives of mortification and work.
Other Information: We are a young adult praesidium of Mary's Legion. Our primary works are: guidance for kids and teenagers in junior praesidia, organisation of rosary prayers between neighbours, promotion of the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association, Jubilee pilgrims organization, rescue of the women of the town, assistance for mentally-ill people, visitation of elderly people of the community, bookbarrow apostolate, catechesis for First Holy Communion, and a legionary bulletin edition. Lately, we have grown very fast. We are at about 20 members and are ready to be divided. Keep on going!

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