Our Lady of Grace Praesidium
Members of Our Lady of Grace Praesidium 

Name of Praesidium: Our Lady of Grace
Parish: St. Irenaeus
Location: Cypress, California
Diocese: Orange
First Meeting Date:  
Aim of Praesidum: To recruit more new members and also give encouragement to other legionnaires
...to share God's love and mercy
...to go door-to-door and inviting everyone to pray in our Church...open each day between 6am and 9pm
...give info on our Catholic Faith and share our faith stories
...mention to everyone how much Jesus and Our Blessed Mother loves them
...find inactive Catholics, and invite them to our "coming home" 6 week program and/or apologize for any hurts we inflicted on them...ask them to "take another look at their Catholic Faith...for WE ARE THE CHURCH ALSO!
Other Information: We have two praesidia in our parish. We do door-to-door evangelizing, lead the Rosary in the nursing homes as well as Communion Services and bring Holy Communion also to shut-ins at home. One member leads Rosary vigils with scripture and commentary on the history of the Rosary and on the scriptures...and supports the grieving family.

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