Mater Ecclesiae Junior Praesidium
Members of Mater Ecclesiae Junior Praesidium 

Name of Praesidium: Mater Ecclesiae Junior Praesidium
Parish: St. Paul Catholic Church
Location: Prospect Park, NJ USA
Diocese: Paterson Diocese
First Meeting Date: January 10th, 2010
Aim of Praesidum: 1. To imitate Mary in order to live like Christ.
2. To be a good example of kindness, forgiveness and humility to our family and friends as well as enemies.
3. To lead a holy life by going to mass every Sunday and Holy Days of obligation and go to confession more often.
4. To help those in need and pray for the Church's mission.
5. To be a faithful legionary through prayers and good works.
Other Information: We started as a Youth Group in 2008 and we were glad that our Pastor, Msgr. Ed Kurtyka made our group as Junior legionaries because now we pray and do good works for the Church in union with Mary and legionaries around the world for God's greater honor and glory!

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